Accessibility Links

Pelle erobreren
2t 23m Drama 1987
An Education
1t 36m Drama 2009
Italiensk for begyndere
1t 52m Komedie 2000
Queen of the Desert
2t 8m Drama 2015
Rescue Dawn
2t 5m Drama 2006
The Forbidden Room
2t 10m Komedie, Mysterie 2015
Pigen der legede med ilden
2t 9m Drama, Thriller 2009
Luftkastellet der blev sprængt
2t 27m Drama, Thriller 2009
Showtime ved juletid
1t 45m Komedie 2009
Viva la muerte
1t 30m Drama 1971
En barndom i Provence
2 elementer
Min fars store dag
1t 45m Drama, Biografisk 1990
Min mors slot
1t 38m Biografisk, Drama 1990
Rødt chok (Don't Look Now)
1t 50m Horror, Drama 1973
My Blueberry Nights
1t 35m Drama, Romantik 2007
1t 9m Drama, Thriller 1998
The Saddest Music in the World
1t 40m Komedie, Musical 2003
The Shawshank Redemption (En verden udenfor)
2t 22m Drama 1994
The Shining (Ondskabens hotel)
2t 26m Drama, Horror 1980
Doctor Sleep
2t 32m Drama, Fantasy 2018
The Green Mile
3t 9m Drama 1999
1t 20m Drama, Fantasy 2009
2t 23m Drama, Komedie 1992
The Lion in Winter
2t 14m Drama, Historisk 1968
Millennium Actress
1t 27m Drama, Animation 2001
Sleeping Beauty
1t 22m Drama, Eventyr 2010
The Last Mistress
1t 55m Drama, Romantik 2007
3t 9m Drama 2022
Heart of Glass
1t 34m Drama 1976
Nosferatu the Vampyre
1t 47m Drama, Horror 1979
Black God, White Devil
2t 0m Drama, Thriller 1964
Distant Voices, Still Lives
1t 24m Drama 1988
Chameleon Street
1t 34m Komedie, Drama 1989
1t 25m Komedie, Drama 2018
The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun
45m Drama 1999
Le franc
46m Komedie 1994
Fando y Lis
1t 33m Fantasy, Eventyr 1968
El Topo
2t 5m Drama, Western 1970
The Holy Mountain
1t 54m Drama, Fantasy 1973
Santa Sangre
2t 3m Drama, Horror 1989
Frozen River
1t 37m Drama 2008
2 Days in Paris
1t 36m Komedie, Drama 2007
Whale Rider
1t 41m Drama, Familie
Blade Runner: The Final Cut
1t 57m Thriller, Science Fiction 2007
1t 52m Drama, Action 2017
Smagen af rust og ben
2t 0m Drama, Romantik 2012
1t 45m Drama, Musik 1996
House of Sand and Fog
2t 6m Drama 2003
1t 50m Komedie, Drama 2015
1t 45m Drama, Fantasy 2011
33t 15m Drama, Komedie 2006
The Deep Blue Sea
1t 38m Drama 2011
Exit Through the Gift Shop
1t 27m Dokumentar, Komedie 2010
Take Shelter
2t 0m Drama, Thriller 2011
1t 31m Drama, Thriller 2013
Two Lovers
1t 50m Drama, Romantik 2008
We Own the Night
1t 57m Drama, Thriller 2007
Young Adam
1t 38m Drama, Thriller 2003
The Quiet Earth
1t 31m Drama, Science Fiction 1985
The Queen of Spain
2t 8m Komedie, Drama 2016
Motorcykel dagbog
2t 6m Drama, Biografisk 2004
Sin Nombre
1t 36m Drama 2009
Mine eftermiddage med Margueritte
1t 22m Drama, Komedie 2010
Searching For Ingmar Bergman
1t 39m Dokumentar 2018
Små hvide løgne
2t 34m Drama, Komedie 2010
24 Weeks
1t 43m Drama 2016
1t 56m Drama, Eventyr 2018
Trump: What's The Deal
1t 23m Dokumentar 1991
Jack Goes Boating
1t 29m Drama, Romantik 2010
You & Me
1t 30m Drama, Komedie 2018
My Generation
1t 25m Dokumentar, Historisk 2017
Salt and Fire
1t 38m Thriller 2016
The Secret Scripture
1t 48m Drama, Romantik 2016
Journey's End
1t 47m Drama, Krig 2017
Irina Palm - nattens røde lygter
1t 43m Drama, Komedie 2007
Once Upon a Time in the Midlands
1t 44m Drama, Komedie 2002
Patti Smith: Dream of Life
1t 49m Dokumentar, Musik 2008
The English Teacher
1t 33m Drama, Komedie 2013
Kokken (Le chef)
1t 24m Komedie, Drama 2012
1t 20m Animation, Drama 2010
1t 53m Drama, Thriller 2009
Night Train To Lisbon
1t 51m Thriller, Romantik 2013
1t 51m Drama, Romantik 1992
Gregory's Girl
1t 31m Drama, Komedie 1980
Huden jeg bor i
2t 0m Drama, Thriller 2011
De elskende passagerer
1t 30m Komedie 2013
1t 45m Drama 2012
Norwegian Wood
2t 13m Drama, Romantik 2010
1t 44m Drama, Komedie 2011
Certified Copy (Mødet i Toscana)
1t 46m Drama, Romantik 2010
Ashes of Time: Redux
1t 40m Drama 1994
Cafe de Flore
2t 0m Drama, Romantik 2011
The Burning Plain
1t 47m Drama, Romantik 2008
1t 58m Drama, Fantasy 2012
Days of Being Wild
1t 34m Drama, Romantik 1990
Shadow Dancer
1t 41m Drama, Thriller 2012
Broken Embraces (Brudte Favntag)
2t 7m Drama, Thriller 2009
Summer Hours (Sommertid)
1t 43m Drama 2008
1t 37m Drama 2019
Bride & Prejudice (Stolthed & brudgom)
2t 2m Komedie, Drama 2004
Beautiful Boy
1t 40m Drama 2010
All Quiet on The Western Front (Intet nyt fra vestfronten)
2t 30m Drama, Krig 1979
The Queen
1t 43m Drama 2006
Love, Antosha
1t 32m Dokumentar, Biografisk 2019
Distant Harmony: Pavarotti in China
1t 25m Dokumentar, Musik 1987
Tell it to the Bees
1t 48m Drama, Romantik 2018
Balloons over Babylon
1t 10m Dokumentar 2019
Blue Caprice
1t 33m Drama, Thriller 2013
Closet Monster
1t 30m Drama, Mysterie 2015
Garden Lane
1t 50m Drama, Romantik 2017
Dagen i morgen
1t 42m Drama 2016
1t 30m Drama, Musik 2016
Vi ses deroppe
1t 57m Drama 2017
Tilbage til Montauk
1t 46m Drama, Romantik 2017
1t 28m Komedie, Drama 2017
1t 30m Dokumentar 2008
Amadeus: The Director's Cut
3t 0m Drama, Musik 1984
Before Sunrise
1t 41m Drama, Romantik 1995
Wine Calling
1t 35m Dokumentar 2018
4 måneder, 3 uger og 2 dage
1t 53m Drama 2007
A Short Film About Killing
1t 24m Drama 1988
A Short Film About Love (En kærlighedshistorie)
1t 27m Drama, Romantik 1988
Prins Piwi
1t 33m Animation, Familie 1974
Gøgereden (One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest)
2t 13m Drama 1975
Ridderfalken (The Maltese Falcon)
1t 40m Film Noir, Drama 1942
A History of Violence
1t 36m Action, Drama 2005
1t 35m Drama 2015
2t 17m Drama 2008
The Magic Flute (Tryllefløjten)
2t 15m Drama, Romantik 2006
2t 14m Drama, Romantik 2007
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
1t 41m Drama, Horror 2014
2t 0m Drama, Fantasy 2005
1t 30m Dokumentar, Biografisk 2018
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
1t 21m Dokumentar 2011
El Bulli: Cooking in Progress
1t 48m Dokumentar 2010
1t 10m Dokumentar 2017
1t 12m Dokumentar 2020
You Cannot Kill David Arquette
1t 31m Dokumentar 2020
Merry Christmas, Yiwu
1t 33m Dokumentar 2020
Scheme Birds
1t 30m Dokumentar 2019
Dating Amber
1t 32m Komedie, Romantik 2020
Lille land
1t 51m Drama 2020
Anvil: The Story of Anvil
1t 20m Dokumentar, Musik 2008
Romper Stomper
1t 34m Drama, Thriller 1992
1t 41m Komedie, Drama 2006
Before Midnight
1t 49m Drama, Romantik 2013
1t 19m Dokumentar 2015
Korsvejen (Stations of the Cross)
1t 50m Drama 2014
Swiss Army Man
1t 37m Drama, Komedie 2016
The Great Buster
1t 42m Dokumentar, Biografisk 2018
The Eyes of Orson Welles
1t 55m Dokumentar 2018
1t 24m Drama, Biografisk 2014
1t 17m Drama 2009
Infernal Affairs
1t 41m Thriller, Drama 2002
Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon
1t 27m Drama, Biografisk 1998
Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn
1t 46m Komedie, Drama 2021
1t 41m Drama, Komedie 2020
Creating Woodstock
1t 51m Dokumentar, Musik 2019
Mansfield 66/67
1t 44m Dokumentar, Biografisk 2017
Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel
1t 26m Dokumentar 2011
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
1t 23m Horror, Thriller 1986
Finding Vivian Maier
1t 23m Dokumentar, Biografisk 2013
De fem benspænd
1t 30m Dokumentar 2003
Citizen Kane (Den store mand)
1t 59m Drama, Mysterie 1941
1t 42m Drama, Romantik 1942
Singin' in the Rain
1t 42m Musical 1952
North by Northwest (Menneskejagt)
2t 16m Thriller 1959
A Clockwork Orange
2t 17m Science Fiction 1971
Under the Shadow
1t 24m Horror, Drama 2016
Red Soil
1t 26m Drama, Thriller 2020
Passion Simple
1t 39m Drama 2020
1t 17m Komedie, Fantasy 2020
The Speech
1t 27m Komedie, Drama 2020
My Cousin
1t 44m Komedie 2020
The Departed
2t 25m Drama, Thriller 2006
Dune (2020)
2t 35m Drama, Science Fiction 2019
The Heroic Trio
1t 28m Action, Eventyr 1993
The Heroic Trio 2
1t 41m Action, Fantasy 1993
Abuse of Weakness
1t 45m Drama 2013
Songs My Brothers Taught Me
1t 38m Drama 2015
The Tango Lesson
1t 40m Drama, Musik 1997
2t 39m Drama, Musik 2022
Calm with Horses
1t 40m Drama, Thriller 2019
As Tears Go By
1t 42m Drama, Romantik 1988
1t 24m Drama, Romantik 1999
Sex Is Comedy
1t 32m Drama, Romantik 2002
Anatomy of Hell
1t 17m Drama 2004
Mister Lonely
1t 52m Komedie, Drama 2007
Ma Belle, My Beauty
1t 33m Drama, Romantik 2021
The Whistlers
1t 37m Drama, Thriller 2019
1t 17m Komedie, Drama 2019
Mr. Nobody
2t 35m Drama, Romantik 2009
Laurent Garnier: Off the Record
1t 30m Dokumentar, Musik 2021
The Mother and the Whore
3t 30m Drama, Romantik 1973
The Big Short
2t 10m Komedie, Drama 2015
Revolutionary Road
1t 59m Drama, Romantik 2009
Hard Eight
1t 42m Drama 1996
2t 22m Drama 2021
Bennys video
1t 50m Drama 1992
Regarding Henry
1t 48m Drama 1991
2t 44m Action, Drama 2005
Into the Wild
2t 29m Drama 2007
2t 35m Drama, Historisk 1997
The Two Jakes
2t 17m Drama 1990
Funny Face - forelsket i Paris
1t 43m Musical, Komedie 1957
Godard Mon Amour
1t 47m Komedie, Drama 2017
1t 35m Drama 1999
Eagle vs Shark
1t 28m Komedie, Romantik 2007
1t 27m Komedie, Drama 2010
Top Gun
1t 50m Action, Drama 1986
Pulp Fiction
2t 34m Drama 1994
Margot at the Wedding
1t 31m Drama, Komedie 2007
Dom Hemingway
1t 33m Drama, Komedie 2013
Bend It Like Beckham
1t 52m Komedie, Romantik 2002
Enter the Void
2t 38m Drama, Fantasy 2009
Irreversible - Original Cut
1t 37m Drama, Thriller 2002
Irreversible - Straight Cut
1t 37m Drama, Thriller 2002
Lux Æterna
51m Drama, Thriller 2019
Rosemary's Baby
2t 17m Drama, Horror 1968
Catch Me If You Can
2t 21m Drama, Biografisk 2002
Saving Private Ryan
2t 49m Drama, Krig 1998
Shutter Island
2t 18m Thriller, Drama 2010
2t 15m Drama, Komedie 2017
1t 37m Komedie, Krimi 1985
The Crossing Guard
1t 51m Drama, Thriller 1995
1t 32m Komedie 1994
2t 1m Drama, Musical 2019
An Inconvenient Truth
1t 35m Dokumentar 2006
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power
1t 38m Dokumentar 2017
Neil Young: Heart of Gold
1t 44m Dokumentar, Musik 2006
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
2t 14m Drama, Horror 1992
Lost Highway
2t 14m Thriller, Drama 1997
1t 57m Drama, Thriller 2005
Wild Tales
2t 2m Drama, Komedie 2014
Incendies (Nawals hemmelighed)
2t 11m Drama, Thriller 2010
I'm Not There
2t 15m Drama 2007
Den sidste gentleman
1t 33m Drama, Komedie 2018
1t 43m Komedie 2010
Ung & Smuk
1t 35m Drama 2013
1t 38m Drama, Biografisk 2013
En sang for Marion
1t 33m Drama, Komedie 2012
2t 1m Drama 2013
The Hateful Eight
1t 27m Krimi, Drama 2015
2t 0m Action, Drama 2018
Kvinden i guld
1t 49m Drama, Biografisk 2015
Fritz Bauer: En fjende af staten
1t 45m Drama, Historisk 2015
Tavshedens labyrint
2t 4m Drama 2014
My Better Halves
1t 39m Komedie, Romantik 2020
Pans labyrint
1t 58m Drama, Horror 2006
Sangen fra havet
1t 33m Animation, Familie 2014
1t 20m Dokumentar 2005
1t 48m Drama, Biografisk 2009
1t 54m Drama, Thriller 2000
Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
3t 22m Drama 1975
Kunsten at græde i kor
1t 46m Drama, Komedie 2006
Away From Her
1t 50m Drama 2006
Trillingerne fra Belleville
1t 20m Animation, Komedie 2003
Perfect Blue
1t 21m Animation, Drama 1997
The Hours
1t 50m Drama, Romantik 2002
1t 53m Musical, Komedie 2002
Autumn in New York
1t 43m Drama, Romantik 2000
The Painted Veil
2t 5m Drama, Romantik 2006
2t 31m Drama 1973
The Player
1t 59m Drama, Komedie 1992
The Godfather: 50th Anniversary
2t 55m Drama 1972
The Godfather: Part II - 50th Anniversary
3t 21m Drama 1974
The Godfather: Part III - The Death of Michael Corleone
2t 38m Drama 1990
Sunset Boulevard
1t 50m Drama, Film Noir 1950
2t 13m Drama, Thriller 1975
Pigen Holly (Breakfast at Tiffany's)
1t 55m Drama, Komedie 1961
Prinsessen holder fridag (Roman Holiday)
1t 58m Komedie, Romantik 1953
My Fair Lady
2t 50m Drama, Musical 1964
Livet er smukt
1t 56m Drama, Komedie 1997
Farligt begær (Fatal Attraction)
1t 59m Drama, Thriller 1987
There Will Be Blood
2t 38m Drama 2007
No Country for Old Men
2t 2m Drama, Thriller 2007
The Talented Mr. Ripley
2t 19m Drama, Thriller 1999
Den engelske patient
2t 42m Drama, Romantik 1996
2t 6m Drama, Romantik 1999
1t 52m Comedy, Drama 1995
1t 48m Drama, Romantik 2000
American Beauty
2t 2m Drama 1999
Good Will Hunting
2t 6m Drama, Romantik 1997
2t 19m Drama 2016
1t 44m Drama 2008
2t 3m Drama, Romantik 2002
Up in the Air
1t 49m Drama, Komedie 2009
It's a Wonderful Life
2t 10m Drama, Familie 1946
White Christmas
2t 0m Musical, Komedie 1954
1t 41m Komedie, Drama 1988
Mansfield Park
1t 52m Drama, Komedie 1999
2t 1m Drama, Romantik 1996
Shall We Dance
1t 46m Drama, Komedie 2004
2t 1m Drama, Romantik 2000
The Dreamers
1t 55m Drama, Romantik 2003
The Teacher
1t 42m Drama 2016
A Bronx Tale
2t 1m Drama, Krimi 1993
Sommeren '92
1t 33m Drama, Komedie 2015
Fat Girl
1t 26m Drama 2001
Suspiria (1977)
1t 32m Horror 1977
Rabbit-Proof Fence
1t 34m Drama 2002
Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten
2t 4m Dokumentar, Musik 2007
Fast Food Nation
1t 56m Komedie, Drama 2006
The Devil and Daniel Johnston
1t 50m Dokumentar, Musik 2005
Oppe på Valmuebakken
1t 31m Drama, Animation 2011
1t 29m Drama, Fantasy 1977
City of God
2t 10m Drama 2002
1t 38m Drama 1968
Exposing Muybridge
1t 28m Dokumentar 2021
1t 35m Drama 2019
The Worker's Cup
1t 32m Dokumentar, Sport 2017
1t 24m Horror, Komedie 1985
The Juniper Tree
1t 18m Drama, Fantasy 1990
2t 2m Drama, Krig 2012
Chihiro og heksene
2t 5m Animation, Familie 2001
Min nabo Totoro
1t 26m Animation, Eventyr 1988
Det levende slot
1t 59m Animation, Eventyr 2004
Når vinden rejser sig
2t 6m Animarion, Drama 2013
Porco Rosso
1t 34m Animation, Familie 1992
Kiki - den lille heks
1t 43m Animation, Eventyr 1989
Laputa - Slottet i himlen
2t 5m Animation, Familie 1986
Fortællingen om Prinsesse Kaguya
2t 17m Animation, Drama 2013
Nausicaä - fra vindenes dal
1t 57m Animation, Fantasy 1984
Legenden om Jordhavet
1t 55m Animation, Fantasy 2006
Marnie - Min hemmelige veninde
1t 43m Animation, Drama 2014
Ponyo på klippen ved havet
1t 41m Animation, Eventyr 2008
Minder fra i går
1t 59m Animation, Drama 1991
Ocean Waves
1t 12m Animation, Drama 1993
2t 8m Drama 2008
The Trip
1t 52m Komedie, Drama 2010
The Trip to Italy
1t 48m Komedie, Drama 2014
The Trip to Spain
1t 48m Komedie, Drama 2017
The Trip to Greece
1t 43m Komedie, Drama 2020
Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (Angst essen Seele auf)
1t 32m Drama, Romantik 1974
The Marriage of Maria Braun (Die Ehe der Maria Braun)
2t 0m Drama 1979
The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant)
2t 4m Drama, Romantik 1972
Love Is Colder Than Death (Liebe ist kälter als der Tod)
1t 28m Komedie, Krimi 1969
1t 44m Drama, Thriller 2018
The Reason I Jump
1t 22m Dokumentar 2020
2t 0m Drama 2020
Diego Maradona
2t 10m Dokumentar, Sport 2019
Maria By Callas
1t 59m Dokumentar 2017
1t 33m Drama 2018
The Racer
1t 35m Drama, Sport 2020
Lille pige
1t 28m Dokumentar 2020
Old Joy
1t 16m Drama 2006
River of Grass
1t 16m Drama 1994
Dark Days
1t 22m Dokumentar 2000
The Bostonians
2t 2m Drama 1984
Heat and Dust
2t 10m Drama 1983
Jane B. for Agnes V.
1t 39m Dokumentar, Biografi 1988
Det hvide bånd
2t 24m Drama, Thriller 2009
1t 54m Drama 2003
Ternet ninja
1t 23m Animation, Familie 2018
Ternet ninja 2
1t 26m Animation, Familie 2021
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
1t 20m Drama, Film noir 1956
1t 36m Drama, Eventyr 1988
Kilden i Provence
2t 0m Drama, Komedie 1986
Manon og kilden
1t 53m Drama, Romantik 1986
1t 39m Komedie 1991
De fortabte børns by
1t 52m Drama, Science Fiction 1995
While the City Sleeps
1t 40m Drama, Thriller 1956
Irma Vep
1t 39m Drama 1996
Clash by Night
1t 45m Drama, Film noir 1952
Rancho Notorious
1t 29m Western 1952
House by the River
1t 23m Krimi, Thriller 1950
1t 52m Komedie, Drama 1966
Scarlet Street
1t 42m Drama, Film noir 1945
Hangmen Also Die!
2t 14m Drama, Thriller 1943
Kniven i vandet (Knife in the Water)
1t 34m Thriller, Drama 1962
Den tredje mand
1t 33m Thriller, Krimi 1949
1t 51m Drama, Biografisk 1994
Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler
4t 17m Drama, Krimi 1922
1t 51m Drama 2016
Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love
1t 36m Dokumentar, Musik 2019
2t 9m Komedie, Drama 2005
1t 41m Drama 2004
Lille soldat
1t 42m Drama 2008
Christiane F. - i morgen er det slut
2t 18m Drama 1981
The Girl on a Motorcycle
1t 31m Drama, Romantik 1968
Michelin Stars: Tales from the Kitchen
1t 22m Dokumentar 2017
1t 30m Drama 1960
Clouds of Sils Maria
2t 4m Drama 2014
F for Fake
1t 29m Dokumentar 1973
Sympathy for the Devil: The True Story of the Process Church of the Final Judgment
1t 41m Dokumentar 2015
Arriettys hemmelige verden (danske tekster)
1t 34m Animation, Eventyr 2010
David Lynch: The Art Life
1t 28m Dokumentar, Biografi 2016
2t 14m Drama, Fantasy 2009
1t 54m Drama 1983
1t 54m Drama, Thriller 1974
Dagens skønhed
1t 40m Drama, Romantik 1967
2t 3m Komedie, Drama 2015
The Testament of Dr. Mabuse
2t 2m Krimi, Thriller 1933
The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse
1t 43m Krimi, Thriller 1960
1t 30m Drama, Komedie 2017
The Allins
1t 14m Dokumentar, Musik 2017
Tove i Stykker
37m Animation, Dokumentar 2020
2t 5m Drama 2009
Farvel Falkenberg
1t 31m Drama 2006
Lars Ole, 5C
1t 24m Drama 1973
Lilja 4-Ever
1t 49m Drama, Krimi 2002
Fucking Åmål
1t 29m Komedie, Drama 1998
1t 46m Komedie, Drama 2000
Vi Er De Bedste
1t 42m Drama, Musikk 2013
1t 37m Drama, Thriller 2009
Den yderste dom (Andrej Rublev)
3t 25m Biografi, Drama 1966
2t 0m Action, Drama 2003
2t 47m Drama, Mystery 1972
Vandringsmanden (Stalker)
2t 42m Drama, Science Fiction 1979
Ivans barndom (Ivan's Childhood)
1t 24m Drama, Krig 1962
Spejlet (The Mirror)
1t 47m Biografi, Drama 1975
2t 1m Komedie, Krimi 2006
Tal til hende
1t 52m Drama, Mystery 2002
Alt om min mor
1t 41m Drama 1999
Kødet skælver
1t 43m Drama 1997
Begærets lov
1t 42m Komedie, Drama 1987

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