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Ingeborg Bachmann - Journey Into the Desert
1t 51m Biografisk, Drama 2023
Cannes Uncut
1t 30m Dokumentar 2023
Umberto Eco - Mit italienske bibliotek
1t 20m Dokumentar 2022
Stop Making Sense
1t 28m Dokumentar, Musik 1984
1t 53m Drama, Biografisk 2023
2t 39m Drama, Musik 2022
Squaring the Circle: The Story of Hipgnosis
1t 41m Dokumentar, Musik 2022
The Stones and Brian Jones
1t 33m Dokumentar, Musik 2023
Man siger ikke nej til Asger
58m Dokumentar 2014
Call Me Kate
1t 26m Dokumentar 2023
I'll Find You
1t 56m Drama, Romantik 2019
King on Screen
1t 45m Dokumentar 2022
The Ghost of Richard Harris
1t 46m Dokumentar 2022
Toves værelse
1t 13m Drama, Biografisk 2023
2t 23m Drama, Komedie 1992
Peter O'Toole: Along the Sky Road to Aqaba
1t 30m Dokumentar 2022
Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer
1t 42m Dokumentar 2022
1t 50m Drama, Thriller 2021
3t 9m Drama 2022
Little Richard: I Am Everything
1t 41m Dokumentar, Musik 2023
Apolonia, Apolonia
1t 56m Dokumentar 2022
All the Beauty and the Bloodshed
2t 2m Dokumentar 2022
1t 45m Drama, Musik 1996
The Fabelmans
2t 31m Drama 2022
Exit Through the Gift Shop
1t 27m Dokumentar, Komedie 2010
Searching For Ingmar Bergman
1t 39m Dokumentar 2018
Patti Smith: Dream of Life
1t 49m Dokumentar, Musik 2008
Sick of Myself
1t 35m Komedie, Drama 2022
Amadeus: The Director's Cut
3t 0m Drama, Musik 1984
1t 27m Dokumentar, Musik 2022
Munch in Hell
1t 14m Dokumentar 2018
1t 35m Drama 2015
Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon
1t 27m Drama, Biografisk 1998
1t 19m Dokumentar 2015
The Great Buster
1t 42m Dokumentar, Biografisk 2018
1t 24m Drama, Biografisk 2014
Finding Vivian Maier
1t 23m Dokumentar, Biografisk 2013
In the Court of the Crimson King: King Crimson at 50
1t 26m Dokumentar, Komedie 2022
De fem benspænd
1t 30m Dokumentar 2003
The Tango Lesson
1t 40m Drama, Musik 1997
2t 10m Drama, Biografisk 2022
Singin' in the Rain
1t 42m Musical 1952
Verden er uskarp
1t 13m Dokumentar 2022
Sex Is Comedy
1t 32m Drama, Romantik 2002
Godard Mon Amour
1t 47m Komedie, Drama 2017
Loving Highsmith
1t 23m Dokumentar 2022
1t 48m Dokumentar 2022
2t 1m Drama, Musical 2019
Kvinden i guld
1t 49m Drama, Biografisk 2015
Peter von Kant
1t 25m Drama 2022
Official Competition
1t 54m Komedie, Drama 2021
The Hours
1t 50m Drama, Romantik 2002
2t 3m Drama, Romantik 2002
Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten
2t 4m Dokumentar, Musik 2007
Et sekunds lykke
1t 44m Drama, Historisk 2020
Min sommer i Provence
1t 45m Drama, Familie 2022
1t 52m Komedie, Drama 2021
Maria By Callas
1t 59m Dokumentar 2017
1t 57m Drama 2021
Bergmans Ø
1t 52m Drama 2021
Diego Maradona
2t 10m Dokumentar, Sport 2019
Ennio: The Maestro
2t 36m Dokumentar, Musik 2021
Tabte illusioner
2t 29m Drama, Historisk 2021
1t 49m Dokumentar, Biografi 2021
Drive My Car
2t 59m Drama 2021
1t 27m Drama 2021
Jane By Charlotte
1t 28m Dokumentar, Biografi 2021
Jane B. for Agnes V.
1t 39m Dokumentar, Biografi 1988
Jeg er Zlatan
1t 38m Drama, Biografisk 2021
Irma Vep
1t 39m Drama 1996
The Electrical Life of Louis Wain
1t 51m Drama, Biografisk 2021
1t 51m Drama, Biografisk 1994
2t 21m Drama, Musical 2021
a-ha: The Movie
1t 49m Dokumentar, Musik 2021
Clouds of Sils Maria
2t 4m Drama 2014
F for Fake
1t 29m Dokumentar 1973
Nordic by Nature - Michelin Stars
1t 5m Dokumentar 2022
Terroir to Table - Wine Lovers' Guide to Food and Wine
1t 20m Dokumentar 2022
Helmut Newton: The Bad and the Beautiful
1t 33m Dokumentar, Biografisk 2020
Yves Saint Laurent
1t 45m Drama 2014
David Lynch: The Art Life
1t 28m Dokumentar, Biografi 2016
1t 38m Biografi, Dokumentar 2019
2t 3m Komedie, Drama 2015
My Salinger Year
1t 41m Drama 2020
1t 56m Drama 2021
1t 43m Biografi, Drama 2020
Tove i Stykker
37m Animation, Dokumentar 2020
Sympathy for the Devil
1t 40m Dokumentar, Musik 1968
The Beaches of Agnès
1t 52m Biografi, Dokumentar 2008
Verdens smukkeste dreng
1t 33m Dokumentar 2021
The United States vs. Billie Holiday
2t 6m Biografi, Drama 2021
Italian Nights
2t 5m Komedie, Drama 2018
Jeg vil bo i mit navn
40m Dokumentar 2018
Venus i pels
1t 36m Drama 2013
7 Years of Lukas Graham
1t 18m Dokumentar, Musik 2020
Tel Aviv on Fire
1t 40m Komedie, Drama 2018
The Man Who Sold His Skin
1t 44m Drama 2020
Picture of Lies
1t 39m Action, Drama 2019
Piazzolla - The Years of The Shark
51m Dokumentar 2018
I Walk
1t 30m Dokumentar 2019
2t 1m Drama, Biografi 2020
Doin' my Drugs
1t 15m Dokumentar 2019
Mysteriet om Henri Pick
1t 41m Komedie, Drama 2019
Show Dancer
1t 17m Dokumentar 2020
Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love
1t 36m Dokumentar, Musik 2019
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
1t 34m Komedie 2005
Portræt af en kvinde i flammer
1t 59m Drama, Romantik 2019
Aretha Franklin - Amazing Grace
1t 25m Dokumentar, Musik 2018
1t 56m Drama, Biografi 2011
Hugo på bas
50m Dokumentar 2016
1t 57m Drama 2019
Smagen af sult
1t 44m Drama, Romantik 2021
Cézanne og Zola
1t 49m Drama 2016
Min hemmeligheds blomst
1t 43m Drama 1995
Århus By Night
1t 41m Biografi, Drama 1989
The Artist
1t 40m Komedie, Drama 2011
Min fynske barndom
2t 0m Drama 1994
The Square
2t 31m Komedie, Drama 2017
Van Gogh - Ved evighedens port
1t 50m Drama 2018
1t 0m Dokumentar 2018
Smerte og ære
1t 53m Drama 2019
The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years
1t 45m Musik, Dokumentar 2016
Så længe jeg lever
1t 44m Drama, Musik 2018
Ditte & Louise
1t 44m Komedie 2018
1t 51m Drama 2018
Inside Llewyn Davis
1t 44m Drama 2013
Begærets lov
1t 42m Komedie, Drama 1987
Janis: Little Girl Blue
1t 43m Dokumentar, Musik 2015
1t 47m Drama 2016
2t 32m Drama 1996
Tusen bitar
1t 39m Dokumentar, Musik 2014
1t 33m Drama 2017
1t 16m Dokumentar 2018
Unge Astrid
1t 58m Drama 2018
Gøg & Gokke
1t 37m Komedie, Drama 2018
Mellem linjerne
1t 46m Komedie, Drama 2018
Midnight in Paris
1t 34m Romantik, Komedie 2011
Nick Cave - 20.000 Days on Earth
1t 33m Dokumentar 2014
Paco de Lucía: Flamencoens mester
1t 33m Dokumentar, Musik 2014
1t 47m Drama 2019
1t 46m Drama, Horror 1987
Mr. Turner
2t 29m Drama 2014
Their Finest Hour
1t 56m Komedie, Drama 2016
1t 49m Drama, LGBTQ 2018
1t 59m Drama, Romantik 2017
1t 25m Drama 2009
Alt om min mor
1t 41m Drama 1999

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