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2t 6m Drama 2022
My Blueberry Nights
1t 35m Drama, Romantik 2007
Greatest Days
1t 52m Musical, Komedie 2023
An Education
1t 36m Drama 2009
Viktor mod verden
1t 32m Komedie, Drama 2023
All Your Faces
1t 57m Drama 2023
Rescue Dawn
2t 5m Drama 2006
Toves værelse
1t 13m Drama, Biografisk 2023
The Lion in Winter
2t 14m Drama, Historisk 1968
2t 23m Drama, Komedie 1992
The Green Mile
3t 9m Drama 1999
Distant Voices, Still Lives
1t 24m Drama 1988
1t 39m Drama 2022
3t 9m Drama 2022
What's Love Got to Do With It
1t 48m Komedie, Romantik 2022
Medusa Deluxe
1t 41m Drama, Thriller 2022
1t 33m Komedie, Drama 2023
This One Summer
1t 39m Komedie, Drama 2022
1t 49m Drama, Thriller 2022
Maybe I Do
1t 35m Komedie, Romantik 2023
Brænd alle mine breve
2t 0m Drama 2022
House of Sand and Fog
2t 6m Drama 2003
We Own the Night
1t 57m Drama, Thriller 2007
Young Adam
1t 38m Drama, Thriller 2003
Women Talking
1t 44m Drama 2022
1t 51m Drama, Romantik 1992
Små hvide løgne
2t 34m Drama, Komedie 2010
Night Train To Lisbon
1t 51m Thriller, Romantik 2013
Jack Goes Boating
1t 29m Drama, Romantik 2010
The English Teacher
1t 33m Drama, Komedie 2013
Journey's End
1t 47m Drama, Krig 2017
De elskende passagerer
1t 30m Komedie 2013
En dejlig morgen
1t 52m Drama, Romantik 2022
Summer Hours (Sommertid)
1t 43m Drama 2008
1t 44m Drama, Komedie 2011
De 8 bjerge
2t 27m Drama 2022
The Burning Plain
1t 47m Drama, Romantik 2008
1t 37m Drama 2019
The Son
2t 3m Drama 2022
Regnen skyller alt bort
2t 4m Komedie, Drama 2022
1t 48m Drama, Historisk 2022
Crimes of the Future
1t 47m Drama, Science Fiction 2022
1t 47m Komedie, Drama 2022
1t 41m Komedie, Drama 2006
Fædre & mødre
1t 37m Komedie, Drama 2022
Ingen kender dagen
1t 45m Drama 2022
Triangle of Sadness
2t 27m Drama, Komedie 2022
The Departed
2t 25m Drama, Thriller 2006
1t 42m Drama, Romantik 1942
Dune (2020)
2t 35m Drama, Science Fiction 2019
Freaks Out
2t 21m Drama, Fantasy 2021
Pulp Fiction
2t 34m Drama 1994
2t 1m Drama 2013
1t 37m Komedie, Krimi 1985
The Big Short
2t 10m Komedie, Drama 2015
Shutter Island
2t 18m Thriller, Drama 2010
1t 17m Komedie, Fantasy 2020
The Speech
1t 27m Komedie, Drama 2020
Hard Eight
1t 42m Drama 1996
I'm Not There
2t 15m Drama 2007
Wild Tales
2t 2m Drama, Komedie 2014
The Hateful Eight
1t 27m Krimi, Drama 2015
1t 43m Komedie 2010
Margot at the Wedding
1t 31m Drama, Komedie 2007
En sang for Marion
1t 33m Drama, Komedie 2012
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
2t 14m Drama, Horror 1992
Lykkelige omstændigheder
1t 37m Komedie, Drama 2022
Official Competition
1t 54m Komedie, Drama 2021
The Hours
1t 50m Drama, Romantik 2002
The Godfather: 50th Anniversary
2t 55m Drama 1972
The Godfather: Part II - 50th Anniversary
3t 21m Drama 1974
1t 53m Musical, Komedie 2002
2t 35m Drama, Historisk 1997
1t 44m Drama 2008
American Beauty
2t 2m Drama 1999
2t 19m Drama 2016
1t 52m Comedy, Drama 1995
2t 1m Drama, Romantik 2000
After Yang
1t 36m Drama, Science Fiction 2022
Mellem to verdener
1t 46m Drama 2021
Farvel hr. Haffmann
1t 55m Drama 2021
The Dreamers
1t 55m Drama, Romantik 2003
All My Friends Hate Me
1t 33m Komedie, Thriller 2021
The Teacher
1t 42m Drama 2016
1t 36m Drama, Thriller 2021
Rabbit-Proof Fence
1t 34m Drama 2002
A Bronx Tale
2t 1m Drama, Krimi 1993
Sommeren '92
1t 33m Drama, Komedie 2015
The Humans
1t 48m Drama, Thriller 2021
City of God
2t 10m Drama 2002
1t 35m Drama 2019
1t 51m Drama 2021
Mothering Sunday
1t 44m Drama, Romantik 2021
2t 8m Drama 2008
De forbandede år 2
2t 32m Drama, Historisk 2022
Operation Mincemeat
2t 8m Drama, Krig 2021
Lev, elsk, Paris
1t 45m Drama 2021
Tabte illusioner
2t 29m Drama, Historisk 2021
The Schoolmaster Games
1t 22m Drama 2022
Boiling Point
1t 32m Drama 2021
The Bostonians
2t 2m Drama 1984
Heat and Dust
2t 10m Drama 1983
Det hvide bånd
2t 24m Drama, Thriller 2009
1t 27m Drama, Thriller 2022
The Lost Daughter
17t 1m Drama 2021
1t 39m Komedie 1991
De fortabte børns by
1t 52m Drama, Science Fiction 1995
Parallelle mødre
2t 3m Drama 2021
The Mauritanian
2t 9m Drama, Thriller 2021
2t 9m Komedie, Drama 2005
House of Gucci
2t 38m Drama 2021
1t 54m Drama 1983
The Big Hit
1t 45m Komedie, Drama 2020
1t 51m Drama 2021
1t 51m Drama 2016
Silent Night
1t 32m Komedie, Drama 2021
Retfærdighedens ryttere
1t 52m Komedie, Drama 2020
1t 57m Drama 2020
The Kindness of Strangers
1t 50m Drama 2019
Blinkende lygter
1t 47m Komedie 2000
American Hustle
2t 17m Drama 2013
Captain Fantastic
1t 58m Komedie, Drama 2016
1t 37m Komedie 2014
1t 45m Drama 1998
1t 47m Drama 2016
2t 40m Komedie 1980
Italiensk for begyndere
1t 52m Komedie 2000
Dear Wendy
33t 24m Komedie, Krimi
Knives Out
2t 4m Komedie, Thriller 2019
2t 58m Krimi, Drama 2003
2t 11m Drama, Komedie 2019
Adams æbler
1t 37m Komedie 2005
Bombshell - Opgørets time
1t 45m Drama 2019
De forbandede år 1
2t 32m Drama 2020
Happy End
1t 47m Drama 2017
Stalins død
1t 46m Komedie, Drama 2017
The Party
1t 10m Komedie 2017
2t 0m Drama 2018
Drengene fra Sankt Petri
1t 51m Drama, Krig 1991
Den tid på året
1t 38m Komedie, Drama 2018
Kvinder på randen af et nervøst sammenbrud
1t 28m Komedie, Drama 1988
Fisherman's Friends
1t 51m Komedie, Drama 2019
1t 14m Drama, Dokumentar 2018
Alletiders kvinder
1t 58m Komedie, Drama 2016
Små ulykker
1t 44m Drama 2002
Kolos på lerfødder
1t 29m Komedie 2017
1t 50m Drama, Komedie 1998
I Syrien
1t 26m Drama 2017
A Perfect Day
1t 45m Drama 2015

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