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Prison 77
2t 5m Thriller 2022
1t 7m Muscial, Komedie 2022
Disco Boy
1t 32m Drama 2023
Det store glitch / Paradisets børn
1t 37m Komedie, Drama 2023
1t 45m Dokumentar 2022
Lad elven leve
1t 58m Drama 2023
1t 54m Komedie, Romantik 2023
1t 56m Drama, Krig 2022
How to Blow Up a Pipeline
1t 44m Drama, Thriller 2022
Saint Omer
2t 2m Drama 2022
1t 39m Drama 2022
Chameleon Street
1t 34m Komedie, Drama 1989
Little Richard: I Am Everything
1t 41m Dokumentar, Musik 2023
Tori og Lokita
1t 28m Drama 2022
1t 12m Animation, Familie 2022
Blue Jean
1t 37m Drama 2022
1t 33m Komedie, Drama 2023
All the Beauty and the Bloodshed
2t 2m Dokumentar 2022
1t 54m Drama, Historisk 2022
Stille liv
1t 42m Drama 2023
The Inspection
1t 35m Drama 2022
Apolonia, Apolonia
1t 56m Dokumentar 2022
Exit Through the Gift Shop
1t 27m Dokumentar, Komedie 2010
1t 52m Drama, Action 2017
Women Talking
1t 44m Drama 2022
My Generation
1t 25m Dokumentar, Historisk 2017
We Own the Night
1t 57m Drama, Thriller 2007
Take Shelter
2t 0m Drama, Thriller 2011
1t 45m Drama 2012
2t 10m Drama 2022
1t 50m Dokumentar 2022
1t 40m Komedie, Drama 2022
2t 10m Drama, Biografisk 2022
Regnen skyller alt bort
2t 4m Komedie, Drama 2022
4 måneder, 3 uger og 2 dage
1t 53m Drama 2007
Wine Calling
1t 35m Dokumentar 2018
1t 56m Drama, Eventyr 2018
Balloons over Babylon
1t 10m Dokumentar 2019
Gøgereden (One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest)
2t 13m Drama 1975
Fashion Reimagined
1t 40m Dokumentar 2022
The Queen
1t 43m Drama 2006
2t 10m Drama, Biografisk 2022
2t 14m Drama, Romantik 2007
Red Soil
1t 26m Drama, Thriller 2020
1t 41m Komedie, Drama 2006
Ferskenlunden i Catalonien
2t 0m Drama 2022
Call Jane
2t 1m Drama 2022
Riotsville, USA
1t 31m Dokumentar, Politik 2022
The Lost King
1t 48m Drama, Historisk 2022
Free Chol Soo Lee
1t 23m Dokumentar 2022
Triangle of Sadness
2t 27m Drama, Komedie 2022
An Inconvenient Truth
1t 35m Dokumentar 2006
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power
1t 38m Dokumentar 2017
Freaks Out
2t 21m Drama, Fantasy 2021
The Big Short
2t 10m Komedie, Drama 2015
1t 19m Dokumentar, Musik 2022
1t 38m Drama, Biografisk 2013
Catch Me If You Can
2t 21m Drama, Biografisk 2002
2t 35m Drama, Historisk 1997
Kvinden i guld
1t 49m Drama, Biografisk 2015
Fritz Bauer: En fjende af staten
1t 45m Drama, Historisk 2015
Tavshedens labyrint
2t 4m Drama 2014
1t 48m Drama, Biografisk 2009
Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power
1t 47m Dokumentar 2022
Balladen om den hvide ko
1t 45m Drama 2020
Mellem to verdener
1t 46m Drama 2021
The Dreamers
1t 55m Drama, Romantik 2003
Anatolian Leopard
1t 53m Drama 2021
The Teacher
1t 42m Drama 2016
Rabbit-Proof Fence
1t 34m Drama 2002
Pans labyrint
1t 58m Drama, Horror 2006
Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten
2t 4m Dokumentar, Musik 2007
Fast Food Nation
1t 56m Komedie, Drama 2006
Et sekunds lykke
1t 44m Drama, Historisk 2020
Memory Box
1t 42m Drama 2021
Casablanca Beats
1t 42m Drama 2021
1t 12m Drama 2021
Costa Brava, Libanon
1t 46m Drama 2021
Grosse Freiheit
1t 56m Drama 2021
I solsortens land
1t 21m Drama 2021
A Hero
2t 7m Drama 2021
På nært hold
1t 56m Drama, Biografisk 2021
The Worker's Cup
1t 32m Dokumentar, Sport 2017
Lille pige
1t 28m Dokumentar 2020
The Schoolmaster Games
1t 22m Drama 2022
1t 40m Drama 2021
2t 11m Drama, Biografisk 2021
1t 27m Drama, Thriller 2022
1t 54m Drama 2003
Alle hader Johan
1t 33m Komedie 2022
The Mauritanian
2t 9m Drama, Thriller 2021
1t 38m Drama 2020
Und morgen die ganze Welt
1t 51m Drama, Romantik 2020
New Order
1t 26m Drama, Thriller 2020
1t 33m Drama 2019
The Dissident
1t 59m Dokumentar 2020
The Race To Save The World
1t 42m Dokumentar 2021
1t 59m Komedie, Drama 2014
Malcolm X
3t 22m Biografi, Drama 1992
1t 54m Thriller 2015
1t 32m Komedie, Drama 2020
Dark Waters
2t 2m Drama 2019
I, Daniel Blake
1t 40m Drama 2016
Bombshell - Opgørets time
1t 45m Drama 2019
2t 14m Drama 2015
1t 45m Action, Komedie 2009
Kvinde på krigsstien
1t 40m Action, Adventure 2018
Kvinden fra Brest
2t 7m Drama 2017
1t 48m Drama 2018
Captain Fantastic
1t 58m Komedie, Drama 2016
1t 46m Drama 2014
At Kende Sandheden
1t 38m Drama 2002
Dallas Buyers Club
1t 56m Drama 2013
2t 22m Drama 2016
A Hidden Life
2t 53m Drama, Romantik 2019
Der kommer en dag
1t 54m Drama 2016

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