Accessibility Links

An Education
1t 36m Drama 2009
The Lion in Winter
2t 14m Drama, Historisk 1968
The Shawshank Redemption (En verden udenfor)
2t 22m Drama 1994
2t 23m Drama, Komedie 1992
The Green Mile
3t 9m Drama 1999
3t 9m Drama 2022
Frozen River
1t 37m Drama 2008
House of Sand and Fog
2t 6m Drama 2003
1t 45m Drama, Musik 1996
The Fabelmans
2t 31m Drama 2022
Women Talking
1t 44m Drama 2022
The Whale
1t 57m Drama 2022
Everything Everywhere All at Once
2t 19m Komedie, Action 2022
Triangle of Sadness
2t 27m Drama, Komedie 2022
2t 39m Drama, Musik 2022
Blade Runner: The Final Cut
1t 57m Thriller, Science Fiction 2007
Motorcykel dagbog
2t 6m Drama, Biografisk 2004
Amadeus: The Director's Cut
3t 0m Drama, Musik 1984
Gøgereden (One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest)
2t 13m Drama 1975
The Queen
1t 43m Drama 2006
Ridderfalken (The Maltese Falcon)
1t 40m Film Noir, Drama 1942
Citizen Kane (Den store mand)
1t 59m Drama, Mysterie 1941
1t 42m Drama, Romantik 1942
Singin' in the Rain
1t 42m Musical 1952
North by Northwest (Menneskejagt)
2t 16m Thriller 1959
A Clockwork Orange
2t 17m Science Fiction 1971
1t 20m Animation, Drama 2010
The Departed
2t 25m Drama, Thriller 2006
A History of Violence
1t 36m Action, Drama 2005
Dune (2020)
2t 35m Drama, Science Fiction 2019
Top Gun: Maverick
2t 11m Action, Drama 2022
Top Gun
1t 50m Action, Drama 1986
Saving Private Ryan
2t 49m Drama, Krig 1998
Catch Me If You Can
2t 21m Drama, Biografisk 2002
Before Midnight
1t 49m Drama, Romantik 2013
The Big Short
2t 10m Komedie, Drama 2015
Revolutionary Road
1t 59m Drama, Romantik 2009
Pulp Fiction
2t 34m Drama 1994
Rosemary's Baby
2t 17m Drama, Horror 1968
An Inconvenient Truth
1t 35m Dokumentar 2006
2t 1m Drama, Musical 2019
The Hateful Eight
1t 27m Krimi, Drama 2015
1t 38m Drama, Biografisk 2013
Pans labyrint
1t 58m Drama, Horror 2006
Into the Wild
2t 29m Drama 2007
2t 44m Action, Drama 2005
2t 35m Drama, Historisk 1997
Sangen fra havet
1t 33m Animation, Familie 2014
Funny Face - forelsket i Paris
1t 43m Musical, Komedie 1957
1t 20m Dokumentar 2005
Away From Her
1t 50m Drama 2006
Trillingerne fra Belleville
1t 20m Animation, Komedie 2003
Sunset Boulevard
1t 50m Drama, Film Noir 1950
2t 13m Drama, Thriller 1975
The Godfather: 50th Anniversary
2t 55m Drama 1972
The Godfather: Part II - 50th Anniversary
3t 21m Drama 1974
The Godfather: Part III - The Death of Michael Corleone
2t 38m Drama 1990
The Hours
1t 50m Drama, Romantik 2002
My Fair Lady
2t 50m Drama, Musical 1964
Pigen Holly (Breakfast at Tiffany's)
1t 55m Drama, Komedie 1961
Prinsessen holder fridag (Roman Holiday)
1t 58m Komedie, Romantik 1953
No Country for Old Men
2t 2m Drama, Thriller 2007
There Will Be Blood
2t 38m Drama 2007
It's a Wonderful Life
2t 10m Drama, Familie 1946
White Christmas
2t 0m Musical, Komedie 1954
1t 53m Musical, Komedie 2002
1t 41m Komedie, Drama 1988
American Beauty
2t 2m Drama 1999
Livet er smukt
1t 56m Drama, Komedie 1997
The Talented Mr. Ripley
2t 19m Drama, Thriller 1999
Den engelske patient
2t 42m Drama, Romantik 1996
2t 6m Drama, Romantik 1999
Good Will Hunting
2t 6m Drama, Romantik 1997
2t 19m Drama 2016
1t 44m Drama 2008
2t 1m Drama, Romantik 2000
Up in the Air
1t 49m Drama, Komedie 2009
Farligt begær (Fatal Attraction)
1t 59m Drama, Thriller 1987
2t 1m Drama, Romantik 1996
2t 3m Drama, Romantik 2002
1t 48m Drama, Romantik 2000
Verdens værste menneske
2t 7m Drama, Romantik 2021
Drive My Car
2t 59m Drama 2021
1t 51m Drama 2021
1t 59m Drama, Romantik 2021
The Lost Daughter
17t 1m Drama 2021
Parallelle mødre
2t 3m Drama 2021
Licorice Pizza
2t 13m Komedie, Drama 2021
1t 23m Animation, Dokumentar 2021
City of God
2t 10m Drama 2002
Chihiro og heksene
2t 5m Animation, Familie 2001
Når vinden rejser sig
2t 6m Animarion, Drama 2013
Det levende slot
1t 59m Animation, Eventyr 2004
The Bostonians
2t 2m Drama 1984
1t 36m Drama, Eventyr 1988
Hangmen Also Die!
2t 14m Drama, Thriller 1943
Den tredje mand
1t 33m Thriller, Krimi 1949
House of Gucci
2t 38m Drama 2021
No Time to Die
2t 44m Action, Thriller 2021
1t 51m Drama 2016
2t 3m Komedie, Drama 2015
Tal til hende
1t 52m Drama, Mystery 2002
Children Of Men
1t 49m Drama, Adventure 2006
2t 1m Action, Krimi 2015
2t 19m Action, Adventure 2006
Pinocchio (danske undertekster)
2t 5m Drama, Familie 2019
The Passion of the Christ
2t 7m Drama 2004
Knives Out
2t 4m Komedie, Thriller 2019
1t 45m Thriller, Drama 2018
Ved floden
2t 3m Drama 1992
Den forbudte by
1t 49m Drama 2006
1t 55m Drama, Romantik 1992
Den usynlige kvinde
1t 51m Drama 2013
2t 17m Drama, Romantik 1989
2t 40m Drama 2016
Inside Llewyn Davis
1t 44m Drama 2013
Mr. Turner
2t 29m Drama 2014
Alletiders kvinder
1t 58m Komedie, Drama 2016
2t 26m Drama 2013
Dancer in the Dark
2t 20m Krimi, Drama 2000

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