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Fisherman's Friends: One and All
1t 51m Komedie, Drama 2022
Bedre tider
1t 45m Komedie 2023
Fearless Flyers
1t 37m Komedie 2023
Tillsammans 99
1t 55m Komedie, Drama 2023
Mrs. Henderson Presents
1t 43m Komedie, Drama 2005
Georgies verden
1t 24m Drama, Komedie 2023
The King of Algiers
1t 37m Komedie, Drama 2023
The Miracle Club
1t 30m Komedie, Drama 2023
1t 40m Komedie, Drama 2023
Højst besynderlige typer
1t 24m Komedie, Drama 2023
Even Dwarfs Started Small
1t 36m Drama, Komedie 1970
1t 22m Animation, Komedie 2023
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
1t 40m Komedie, Action 2005
Trading Places (Bossen og bumsen)
1t 56m Comedy 1983
1t 54m Komedie, Romantik 2023
1t 33m Komedie, Drama 2023
Greatest Days
1t 52m Musical, Komedie 2023
En frokost på bjerget
1t 35m Drama, Komedie 2023
What's Love Got to Do With It
1t 48m Komedie, Romantik 2022
Viktor mod verden
1t 32m Komedie, Drama 2023
1t 7m Muscial, Komedie 2022
The Saddest Music in the World
1t 40m Komedie, Musical 2003
Showtime ved juletid
1t 45m Komedie 2009
1t 36m Komedie, Familie 2003
Fars fede juleferie (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation)
1t 37m Komedie 1989
1t 33m Komedie, Romantik 2023
1t 12m Animation, Familie 2022
Chameleon Street
1t 34m Komedie, Drama 1989
Mageløse Maurice
1t 33m Animation, Komedie 2022
Le franc
46m Komedie 1994
2 Days in Paris
1t 36m Komedie, Drama 2007
This One Summer
1t 39m Komedie, Drama 2022
Maybe I Do
1t 35m Komedie, Romantik 2023
The Tasting
1t 32m Komedie, Romantik 2022
Exit Through the Gift Shop
1t 27m Dokumentar, Komedie 2010
The Queen of Spain
2t 8m Komedie, Drama 2016
Kokken (Le chef)
1t 24m Komedie, Drama 2012
Bytte bytte baby
1t 45m Komedie 2023
Gregory's Girl
1t 31m Drama, Komedie 1980
The English Teacher
1t 33m Drama, Komedie 2013
Mine eftermiddage med Margueritte
1t 22m Drama, Komedie 2010
Sick of Myself
1t 35m Komedie, Drama 2022
De elskende passagerer
1t 30m Komedie 2013
Meter i sekundet
1t 47m Komedie 2023
Bride & Prejudice (Stolthed & brudgom)
2t 2m Komedie, Drama 2004
Regnen skyller alt bort
2t 4m Komedie, Drama 2022
Den perfekte chef
1t 56m Drama, Komedie 2021
1t 47m Komedie, Drama 2022
Swiss Army Man
1t 37m Drama, Komedie 2016
The Great Buster
1t 42m Dokumentar, Biografisk 2018
1t 41m Komedie, Drama 2006
The Woodcutter Story
1t 39m Drama, Komedie 2022
Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn
1t 46m Komedie, Drama 2021
1t 41m Drama, Komedie 2020
The Speech
1t 27m Komedie, Drama 2020
1t 17m Komedie, Fantasy 2020
Singin' in the Rain
1t 42m Musical 1952
In the Court of the Crimson King: King Crimson at 50
1t 26m Dokumentar, Komedie 2022
Elsker dig for tiden
1t 50m Komedie, Romantik 2022
Kærlighedens superhelte
2t 2m Komedie, Drama 2021
Sex Is Comedy
1t 32m Drama, Romantik 2002
1t 54m Drama, Komedie 2022
Smukke sind
1t 32m Komedie, Drama 2021
Fædre & mødre
1t 37m Komedie, Drama 2022
1t 17m Komedie, Drama 2019
Dance For Life
1t 57m Drama, Komedie 2022
Eagle vs Shark
1t 28m Komedie, Romantik 2007
1t 27m Komedie, Drama 2010
Triangle of Sadness
2t 27m Drama, Komedie 2022
The Square
2t 31m Komedie, Drama 2017
Everything Everywhere All at Once
2t 19m Komedie, Action 2022
Dom Hemingway
1t 33m Drama, Komedie 2013
Utroligt men sandt
1t 14m Drama, Komedie 2022
Mister Lonely
1t 52m Komedie, Drama 2007
Funny Face - forelsket i Paris
1t 43m Musical, Komedie 1957
The Big Short
2t 10m Komedie, Drama 2015
Bend It Like Beckham
1t 52m Komedie, Romantik 2002
Lykkelige omstændigheder
1t 37m Komedie, Drama 2022
1t 37m Komedie, Krimi 1985
2t 15m Drama, Komedie 2017
Held og lykke, Leo Grande
1t 36m Komedie, Drama 2022
Official Competition
1t 54m Komedie, Drama 2021
1t 32m Komedie 1994
2t 1m Drama, Musical 2019
My Better Halves
1t 39m Komedie, Romantik 2020
1t 43m Komedie 2010
Wild Tales
2t 2m Drama, Komedie 2014
Den sidste gentleman
1t 33m Drama, Komedie 2018
2t 1m Drama 2013
Trillingerne fra Belleville
1t 20m Animation, Komedie 2003
Kunsten at græde i kor
1t 46m Drama, Komedie 2006
The Good House
1t 39m Drama, Komedie 2021
White Christmas
2t 0m Musical, Komedie 1954
1t 41m Komedie, Drama 1988
My Fair Lady
2t 50m Drama, Musical 1964
Livet er smukt
1t 56m Drama, Komedie 1997
1t 53m Musical, Komedie 2002
Out of Bounds
1t 45m Komedie, Drama 2021
Verdens værste menneske
2t 7m Drama, Romantik 2021
The Trip
1t 52m Komedie, Drama 2010
The Trip to Italy
1t 48m Komedie, Drama 2014
The Trip to Spain
1t 48m Komedie, Drama 2017
The Trip to Greece
1t 43m Komedie, Drama 2020
Miss Viborg
1t 40m Komedie, Drama 2022
The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
1t 47m Komedie, Action 2022
Dag for dag
1t 45m Drama 2022
Ternet ninja
1t 23m Animation, Familie 2018
Ternet ninja 2
1t 26m Animation, Familie 2021
Creation Stories
1t 45m Drama, Biografisk 2021
1t 39m Komedie 1991
1t 48m Drama, Komedie 2021
Language Lessons
1t 31m Komedie, Drama 2021
Irma Vep
1t 39m Drama 1996
1t 52m Komedie, Drama 1966
Tag min hånd
1t 47m Romantik, Komedie 2022
1t 44m Komedie 2021
2t 9m Komedie, Drama 2005
The Middle Man
1t 35m Drama 2021
Shiva Baby
1t 17m Komedie, Drama 2020
1t 44m Romantik 2021
The Grand Duke of Corsica
1t 33m Komedie, Drama 2021
Hvor kragerne vender
1t 31m Drama, Familie 2021
Duften af roser
1t 35m Komedie 2020
På kanten af livet
1t 57m Komedie, Drama 2019
Retfærdighedens ryttere
1t 52m Komedie, Drama 2020
1t 30m Action, Komedie 2003
Jalla! Jalla!
1t 28m Komedie, Drama 2000
1t 44m Komedie 2020
Palm Springs
1t 30m Komedie, Romantik 2020
Tel Aviv on Fire
1t 40m Komedie, Drama 2018
The Personal History of David Copperfield
1t 59m Komedie, Drama 2019
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
1t 34m Komedie 2005
Cafe Society
1t 36m Komedie, Drama 2016
The Farewell
1t 40m Komedie, Drama 2019
3 x Anders Thomas Jensen
3 elementer
1t 54m Komedie 1993
1t 13m Komedie, Animation 2020
Mit tunesiske eventyr
1t 28m Komedie 2019
The Peanut Butter Falcon
1t 37m Adventure, Komedie 2019
Blinkende lygter
1t 47m Komedie 2000
1t 37m Komedie 2014
Magic in the Moonlight
1t 37m Komedie, Drama 2014
Det spritnye testamente
1t 53m Komedie 2015
1t 57m Komedie 2014
Stalins død
1t 46m Komedie, Drama 2017
Klovn the Final
1t 31m Komedie 2020
Silver Linings Playbook
2t 2m Komedie 2012
De grønne slagtere
1t 40m Komedie, Drama 2003
Små ulykker
1t 44m Drama 2002
Adams æbler
1t 37m Komedie 2005
Fisherman's Friends
1t 51m Komedie, Drama 2019
De urørlige
1t 52m Komedie, Drama 2011
A Perfect Day
1t 45m Drama 2015
The Party
1t 10m Komedie 2017
Green Book
2t 4m Komedie, Drama 2018
Klovn Forever
1t 34m Komedie 2015
Dræberne fra Nibe
1t 26m Komedie 2017
1t 59m Komedie, Drama 2014
Høj af kærlighed
1t 37m Drama 2016
Under træet
1t 25m Drama 2017
1t 44m Komedie, Thriller 2017
Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot
1t 54m Komedie, Drama 2018
Ditte & Louise
1t 44m Komedie 2018
Happy Ending
1t 35m Komedie, Drama 2018
De frivillige
1t 33m Komedie, Drama 2019
Den tid på året
1t 38m Komedie, Drama 2018
Knives Out
2t 4m Komedie, Thriller 2019
Min far Toni Erdmann
2t 42m Drama 2016
Lys i mørket
1t 39m Komedie, Drama 2017
Kolos på lerfødder
1t 29m Komedie 2017
1t 39m Komedie 2011
Monas verden
1t 25m Komedie 2001

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