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Io Capitano
2t 1m Drama 2023
Håndtering af udøde
1t 34m Drama, Horror 2024
White Bird
2t 0m Drama 2023
Dream Scenario
1t 42m Komedie, Horror 2023
Dune: Del 2
2t 45m Action, Fantasy 2024
Dune: Del 1
2t 35m Drama, Science Fiction 2021
2001: A Space Odyssey (Rumrejsen år 2001)
2t 40m Science Fiction 1968
The Wizard of Oz
1t 42m Eventyr, Familie 1939
2t 30m Action, Thriller 2020
2t 28m Science Fiction, Thriller 2010
1t 54m Komedie, Romantik 2023
Return to Reason
1t 10m Musik, Romantik 2023
1t 7m Muscial, Komedie 2022
Det store glitch / Paradisets børn
1t 37m Komedie, Drama 2023
King on Screen
1t 45m Dokumentar 2022
The Green Mile
3t 9m Drama 1999
The Shining (Ondskabens hotel)
2t 26m Drama, Horror 1980
Doctor Sleep
2t 32m Drama, Fantasy 2018
Rødt chok (Don't Look Now)
1t 50m Horror, Drama 1973
Millennium Actress
1t 27m Drama, Animation 2001
Sleeping Beauty
1t 22m Drama, Eventyr 2010
Nosferatu the Vampyre
1t 47m Drama, Horror 1979
1t 20m Drama, Fantasy 2009
1t 33m Komedie, Romantik 2023
Lamyas rejse
1t 29m Animation, Eventyr 2021
Beau Is Afraid
2t 59m Drama, Komedie 2023
Mageløse Maurice
1t 33m Animation, Komedie 2022
Fando y Lis
1t 33m Fantasy, Eventyr 1968
El Topo
2t 5m Drama, Western 1970
The Holy Mountain
1t 54m Drama, Fantasy 1973
Santa Sangre
2t 3m Drama, Horror 1989
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman
1t 48m Drama, Animation 2022
Blade Runner: The Final Cut
1t 57m Thriller, Science Fiction 2007
1t 45m Drama, Fantasy 2011
1t 31m Drama, Thriller 2013
Take Shelter
2t 0m Drama, Thriller 2011
The Quiet Earth
1t 31m Drama, Science Fiction 1985
The Eternal Daughter
1t 35m Drama 2022
Ashes of Time: Redux
1t 40m Drama 1994
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
1t 41m Drama, Horror 2014
Crimes of the Future
1t 47m Drama, Science Fiction 2022
Swiss Army Man
1t 37m Drama, Komedie 2016
Everything Everywhere All at Once
2t 19m Komedie, Action 2022
1t 17m Komedie, Fantasy 2020
Pigen fra nåleparken
1t 38m Drama 2020
Freaks Out
2t 21m Drama, Fantasy 2021
2t 1m Animation 2021
Hvor er Anne Frank?
1t 39m Animation, Drama 2021
Mister Lonely
1t 52m Komedie, Drama 2007
Enter the Void
2t 38m Drama, Fantasy 2009
Tre tusinde års længsel
1t 44m Drama, Romantik 2022
After Yang
1t 36m Drama, Science Fiction 2022
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
2t 14m Drama, Horror 1992
Lost Highway
2t 14m Thriller, Drama 1997
1t 48m Dokumentar 2022
Utroligt men sandt
1t 14m Drama, Komedie 2022
Rosemary's Baby
2t 17m Drama, Horror 1968
2t 1m Drama, Musical 2019
My Better Halves
1t 39m Komedie, Romantik 2020
Pans labyrint
1t 58m Drama, Horror 2006
Something in the Dirt
1t 56m Science Fiction, Horror 2022
Perfect Blue
1t 21m Animation, Drama 1997
Tale of Tales
2t 8m Romantik 2015
The Green Knight
2t 10m Eventyr, Drama 2021
1t 29m Drama, Fantasy 1977
De uskyldige
1t 57m Drama, Thriller 2021
1t 45m Thriller, Drama 2018
1t 56m Drama, Fantasy 2017
2t 14m Drama, Fantasy 2009
Sangen fra havet
1t 33m Animation, Familie 2014
Udyret og hans lærling
1t 59m Animation, Eventyr 2015
Chihiro og heksene
2t 5m Animation, Familie 2001
Kiki - den lille heks
1t 43m Animation, Eventyr 1989
Min nabo Totoro
1t 26m Animation, Eventyr 1988
Legenden om Jordhavet
1t 55m Animation, Fantasy 2006
Ponyo på klippen ved havet
1t 41m Animation, Eventyr 2008
Nausicaä - fra vindenes dal
1t 57m Animation, Fantasy 1984
Prinsesse Mononoke
2t 14m Animation, Fantasy 1997
Laputa - Slottet i himlen
2t 5m Animation, Familie 1986
Det levende slot
1t 59m Animation, Eventyr 2004
It's a Wonderful Life
2t 10m Drama, Familie 1946
1t 41m Komedie, Drama 1988
A Christmas Carol
1t 9m Drama, Familie 1938
1t 36m Komedie, Familie 2003

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