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May December
1t 57m Drama 2023
Millennium Actress
1t 27m Drama, Animation 2001
Sick of Myself
1t 35m Komedie, Drama 2022
Certified Copy (Mødet i Toscana)
1t 46m Drama, Romantik 2010
Crimes of the Future
1t 47m Drama, Science Fiction 2022
Sex Is Comedy
1t 32m Drama, Romantik 2002
1t 54m Drama, Komedie 2022
Peter von Kant
1t 25m Drama 2022
Official Competition
1t 54m Komedie, Drama 2021
1t 57m Drama 2021
Tabte illusioner
2t 29m Drama, Historisk 2021
1t 27m Drama 2021
Irma Vep
1t 39m Drama 1996
2t 21m Drama, Musical 2021
Paradisets børn
3t 9m Drama, Romantik 1945
The Man Who Sold His Skin
1t 44m Drama 2020
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
1t 34m Komedie 2005
The Square
2t 31m Komedie, Drama 2017
Mysteriet om Henri Pick
1t 41m Komedie, Drama 2019
Venus i pels
1t 36m Drama 2013
Portræt af en kvinde i flammer
1t 59m Drama, Romantik 2019
1t 25m Drama 2009
1t 33m Drama 2017
Min hemmeligheds blomst
1t 43m Drama 1995
Picture of Lies
1t 39m Action, Drama 2019
Tel Aviv on Fire
1t 40m Komedie, Drama 2018
Italian Nights
2t 5m Komedie, Drama 2018
Vi Er De Bedste
1t 42m Drama, Musikk 2013
The Artist
1t 40m Komedie, Drama 2011
Smerte og ære
1t 53m Drama 2019
Cold War
1t 27m Drama, Romantik 2018
Ditte & Louise
1t 44m Komedie 2018
Inside Llewyn Davis
1t 44m Drama 2013
Mellem linjerne
1t 46m Komedie, Drama 2018
Midnight in Paris
1t 34m Romantik, Komedie 2011
Begærets lov
1t 42m Komedie, Drama 1987
1t 47m Drama 2019
1t 58m Drama, Musical 2012
Their Finest Hour
1t 56m Komedie, Drama 2016
Forelsket i New York (Begin Again)
1t 43m Komedie 2013
Århus By Night
1t 41m Biografi, Drama 1989
La La Land
2t 2m Drama, Musical 2016
2t 8m Drama 1995
2t 3m Drama 2018
Wild Rose
1t 40m Drama 2018
1t 49m Drama, LGBTQ 2018

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