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Millennium Actress
1t 27m Drama, Animation 2001
1t 50m Drama, Thriller 2021
Return to Seoul
2t 0m Drama 2022
Norwegian Wood
2t 13m Drama, Romantik 2010
1t 56m Drama, Eventyr 2018
Days of Being Wild
1t 34m Drama, Romantik 1990
Ashes of Time: Redux
1t 40m Drama 1994
Regnen skyller alt bort
2t 4m Komedie, Drama 2022
Infernal Affairs
1t 41m Thriller, Drama 2002
Decision to Leave
2t 18m Drama, Thriller 2022
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
1t 21m Dokumentar 2011
The Heroic Trio
1t 28m Action, Eventyr 1993
The Heroic Trio 2
1t 41m Action, Fantasy 1993
As Tears Go By
1t 42m Drama, Romantik 1988
2t 1m Animation 2021
2t 11m Drama, Mysterie 2022
1t 54m Drama, Thriller 2000
Perfect Blue
1t 21m Animation, Drama 1997
Oppe på Valmuebakken
1t 31m Drama, Animation 2011
Et sekunds lykke
1t 44m Drama, Historisk 2020
2t 15m Drama, Romantik 2019
Skolen ved verdens ende
1t 50m Drama, Familie 2019
Drive My Car
2t 59m Drama 2021
Chihiro og heksene
2t 5m Animation, Familie 2001
Prinsesse Mononoke
2t 14m Animation, Fantasy 1997
Det levende slot
1t 59m Animation, Eventyr 2004
Min nabo Totoro
1t 26m Animation, Eventyr 1988
Når vinden rejser sig
2t 6m Animarion, Drama 2013
Porco Rosso
1t 34m Animation, Familie 1992
Nausicaä - fra vindenes dal
1t 57m Animation, Fantasy 1984
Fortællingen om Prinsesse Kaguya
2t 17m Animation, Drama 2013
Laputa - Slottet i himlen
2t 5m Animation, Familie 1986
Ponyo på klippen ved havet
1t 41m Animation, Eventyr 2008
Marnie - Min hemmelige veninde
1t 43m Animation, Drama 2014
My Neighbors the Yamadas
1t 44m Animation, Familie 1999
Minder fra i går
1t 59m Animation, Drama 1991
Ocean Waves
1t 12m Animation, Drama 1993
Legenden om Jordhavet
1t 55m Animation, Fantasy 2006
Arriettys hemmelige verden (danske tekster)
1t 34m Animation, Eventyr 2010
Den gyldne jord
1t 36m Drama, Familie 2020
Når det bliver morgen
2t 20m Drama 2020
Japanske fortællinger
2t 1m Drama, Romantik 2021
2t 11m Drama, Komedie 2019
2t 0m Drama 2018
The Farewell
1t 40m Komedie, Drama 2019
2t 28m Drama 2018
2t 9m Krimi, Drama 2009
2t 6m Komedie, Drama 2015
In the Mood for Love
1t 38m Drama, Romantik 2000
Barking Dogs Never Bite
1t 50m Komedie 2000
2t 9m Drama, Science Fiction 2004
Chungking Express
1t 42m Komedie, Krimi 1994
Fallen Angels
1t 36m Komedie, Drama 1995
2t 14m Drama, Fantasy 2009
Memories of Murder
2t 11m Krimi, Drama 2003
2t 0m Action, Drama 2003
Weathering with You
1t 52m Animation, Drama 2019
The Assassin
1t 45m Drama 2015
Den forbudte by
1t 49m Drama 2006
The Handmaiden
2t 18m Drama, Romantik 2016
The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil
1t 50m Action, Thriller 2019
Udyret og hans lærling
1t 59m Animation, Eventyr 2015
Your Name
1t 46m Anime 2016
The Villainess
2t 9m Action, Thriller 2017
Månen over kirsebærtræerne
1t 48m Drama 2015
The Lunchbox
1t 44m Drama, Romantik 2013
1t 25m Dokumentar 2019

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