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The Eternal Memory
1t 25m Dokumentar 2023
All the Beauty and the Bloodshed
2t 2m Dokumentar 2022
Exit Through the Gift Shop
1t 27m Dokumentar, Komedie 2010
Finding Vivian Maier
1t 23m Dokumentar, Biografisk 2013
An Inconvenient Truth
1t 35m Dokumentar 2006
1t 20m Dokumentar 2005
1t 23m Animation, Dokumentar 2021
Til Sama
1t 40m Dokumentar 2019
Havet brænder
1t 49m Dokumentar 2016
The Act of Killing
2t 39m Dokumentar 2012
The Look of Silence
1t 38m Dokumentar 2014

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