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1t 40m Dokumentar 2022
The March On Rome
1t 38m Dokumentar 2022
Every Face Has a Name
1t 13m Dokumentar 2015
Balloons over Babylon
1t 10m Dokumentar 2019
Under havet
52m Dokumentar 2022
1t 50m Dokumentar 2022
The Meaning of Hitler
1t 32m Dokumentar 2020
1341 Frames of Love and War
1t 29m Dokumentar 2022
Nelly & Nadine
1t 32m Dokumentar 2022
Three Minutes: A Lengthening
1t 9m Dokumentar 2021
1t 23m Animation, Dokumentar 2021
Til Sama
1t 40m Dokumentar 2019
1t 18m Dokumentar 2019
The Distant Barking of Dogs
1t 30m Dokumentar 2017
Et tysk liv
1t 53m Dokumentar 2016
Havet brænder
1t 49m Dokumentar 2016
Human Flow
2t 14m Dokumentar 2017
The Act of Killing
2t 39m Dokumentar 2012
The Look of Silence
1t 38m Dokumentar 2014

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